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Paxton Gate!

November 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Having a ton of fun with Ben and Dale this past month building out Andy and Susan Brown’s new Portland Paxton Gate location.  A & S have been busy sourcing free and low-cost materials from craigslist for the past couple of months, and we’re almost done transforming their modern, loft-style space into a reclaimed wood wonderland.

We got enough reclaimed cedar siding to do wainscotting around the entire space.  This came from Ben’s uncle up near Olympia, and was removed from a barn and has been in storage for thirty years waiting for a new home.

Bookshelves from salvaged 2×6 decking.  We love free building materials!

Sitka Spruce 1×12’s from a salvaged fence in Gresham.  A & S lucked into these as they were out driving around.  It was soaking wet, and covered with lichen and moss, but a few days drying, and a few trips through the planer revealed beautiful straight grain Spruce boards, some over 12″ wide.  I think Dale may have  held on to a few for guitar building.

“Greenhouse” framed with full-dimension 2×4’s from the Rebuilding Center.  Lots of cut nails pulled out of this material, meaning it’s likely over one hundred years old. Lower cabinet doors of Sitka Spruce.

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