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New Paxton Gate pics!

Andy sent me these pics recently.  I really can’t believe how far we took this space in one short month!  The big industrial box we started with is now warm and cozy with reclaimed wood.  The juxtaposition of all the natural materials against the concrete, glass and steel really works, and the paint colors are perfect.  We were able to limit our use of new wood to the framing for the window display areas, and the plywood for the cabinet boxes.  All other materials were reclaimed, recycled or reused from previous projects.  The salvaged vintage display cases fit nicely with all the reclaimed wood and the new display cases created for the project really show off the interesting and beautiful items for sale to great effect.

Big thanks to Sean Quigley for the vision, design and creative freedom, Ben Davis and Dale Friesenhahn for all their hard work and dedication to the project, Sean at Badger Electric for the lighting help, and Andy and Susan Brown for the idea and capital.  Good work team, and good luck Paxton Gate!

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