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Malone Garden Shed

This has been an ongoing project this Fall.  It will eventually have a living green roof and some really neat touches both inside and out.  I got started in early November and will be working on it on and off through the winter. I’ll be using some salvage material on this little shed.  Windows are from the “Home Repair” house in an earlier post.  Workbenches will be from framing lumber pulled from a Grant Park addition job I did with DavisBuilt this past Summer.  I’ll try to keep the updates going on this one as it’s very photogenic.

Pile o’ framing lumber.

Blank slate.

Walls up.


Dried in.

Salvage windows and trim detail to match house.

Leftover Hardiplank siding from Malone house build and barn-door hardware from Richards-Wilcox.

Stay tuned for more!

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Kitchen Pass-Thru


I recently did a great little project for some great folks in the foothills of Mt. Tabor.

Sheilagh,  Tony and Thea wanted to open up their 1946 bungalow kitchen to the dining and living rooms.  Everything possible was running through the wall, making it a very intensive 15 square foot hole.   An HVAC supply duct, plumbing supplies and drain/vent for the above bath, and lots of Romex.  I won’t bore you with the details, but with the help of the fantastic homeowners, creative and resourceful subcontractors, architect and engineer, the FIRS program and a little luck, it came together beautifully and in record time.

Sheilagh and Tony found a very nice piece of live-edge quilted/birdseye maple at Gobe Walnut that fits the space perfectly.

Ken at Cheshier Plumbing got us a great deal on a deep Kohler single-bowl sink that really helps to update the kitchen, and is much more functional than the shallow double-bowl it replaced.

Great job everyone!

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