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Home repair!

Got to do a couple of fun little projects this past week on a BEAUTIFUL old Portland home.

The owner is getting ready to put the house up for sale, and wanted to spiff things up a bit before it hits the market.  Four double-hung windows were painted shut, and two of them were severely damaged by a previous attempt to free them up.  The sashes had to be rebuilt, ropes replaced, etc.  I love fixing old windows!  So satisfying when they can be brought back from the brink with a careful hand.

The other thing needing freshening up were the shower floor and bathroom countertop.  The bathrooms in the house were remodeled about ten years ago to provide wheelchair access to the showers and sink areas.  The showers have a great design, with a dropped concrete floor and a removable cedar pallet system to allow a curbless pan and easy, roll-in wheelchair access.  After a decade of use, the cedar was pretty funky and needed to be replaced.  I got some beautiful clear cedar from Lakeside Lumber, and here’s the result: